Saturday, April 12, 2014

The NBA Sleeping San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan

I just wanted to make a quick post, regarding the infamous San Antonio Spurs.  Each and ever year, since 2007, it seems that we overlook them and use the "age" thing as an excuse for them to fall. While none of us can predict the future or how a star will age, it seems we've always been somewhat skeptical and negative to the Spurs.  Especially to Tim Duncan.

Timmy has had an amazing season, playing just around 30 minutes a night and filling it up as if he's gotten better somehow.  To think he would somehow fall off the basketball planet at the age of 32 (back when we all felt they were done) shows how much of the NBA fan base is from bigger markets.  Tim Duncan is a first ballot Hall of Famer.  He came into the NBA as an All-Star caliber player, able to put up 20 points, 10 rebounds, and block tons of shots.  He's done so for well over a decade, and this season at 16 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks a game he is still as efficient and effective as ever.  He is the Big Fundamentalist, and while many find his game boring. The fact that he rarely plays outside of himself and his game has never relied on athleticism should of been proof enough he would have a great career till the age of near 40.  Throw in his lack of injury history and why did we all write him off 5 years ago...

Because the media said so.  Yet every year he's proven us wrong.  He helped the Spurs to a 7 game NBA finals last season, and again we assume they will fall off the top tier in the NBA as a team.  Not only do we massively underrate Tim Duncan, along with aging Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, but we simply don't grasp that the Spurs have the best coach in the NBA in Greg Poppovich along with a great management team and scouts.  Year in and year out they find players to add to their roster via the draft, always with late first rounders or second rounders.  The scouts get these picks right so often, and they are also great at finding NBA players sitting on benches the year before that fit their system great and keep them going strong.

The Spurs are a shining example of a true franchise.  It's not just the aging stars they have who keep up their level of play every year, but it's the role players they put around them each and every year.  Take Danny Green, for example, a borderline NBA player before they added him to their team to be that defender and 3pt specialist. One year he's a 12th man on a bad team, the next year he's the Spurs starting Shooting-Guard.  Finding these pieces is so hard in reality, as play ego's and skills can truly make or break a situation.  But every single year the Spurs add at least one player that isn't a star (or starter) and that player ends up having a career season.  This year that player is Marco Bellinelli.

Aside from that, Poppovich and the Spurs coaches are great at developing players.  Look what they have done with Patty Mills, who is having a career year and is one of the best backup Point-Guard's in the NBA. They did the same with George Hill, who they snagged late in the draft years back.  What seemed like a risky move in trading him for a draft pick to the Pacers turned into gold as they took Kawhi Leonard in the mid-late first round. They saw true talent in him while other teams didn't and passed on him in the draft lottery; if the draft was redone he would be a top 5 pick.  Not only was he talented, but they've slowly developed him into a future All-Star, a great two way player, and a great young piece to use as their core aging 3 retire, leave, or finally stop balling at such a great rate.

The Spurs are a great team and franchise, and once again they have the best record in the NBA.  I couldn't help but laugh how nobody seemed to care or pay attention during their 16 (or 18) game winning streak, while a 10 game win streak from the Clippers or Heat garnered so much attention.  Just because it's a smaller market team doesn't change anything; we should of learned this by now.

Until Poppovich retires the Spurs will be a top team in the NBA for years to come, even post-Duncan era.  How a team is always the top regular season team and constantly getting to the NBA Finals over the past 15-20 years is mind-boggling, especially when people continue to doubt them.

The Spurs look like the best team in the NBA again, with great depth and chemistry all around.  I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the Finals again this year, let alone winning it again.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fantasy Style Sports Betting For True Fans of the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, PGA 

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Best place to make cheap, unique fantasy stat like bets for 1$ up to $1000's and all scales of size of betting pool (from 1 on 1 with 2 people to 2400 people tourny's that 1$ can cash out a solid 100+.  I have simply bet on the NBA players on different nights, usually 1$,2$, or 5$ buy ins keep things chill. I only put $20 bucks off my debit card half-way through this season.  It's a unique, fun way to bet on theNBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, NHL, and College Sports.

If you consider yourself a legit fan, a relatively savvy fan at that, whether it's basketball, baseball, football, golf, hockey.... you can even do FREE bets.  I seriously don't even gamble, I just entered 100-1800 people Tournaments at $1 or $2  over time and once I understood the scoring methods I have turned a $2 bet into $120 and another $2 bet into $40, and a $1 bet into $20 (where I didn't even do well but the top 100 got paid well out of 1200.  I've made another five $1 bets and about five $2 bets, as I am new to it and only play on nights with a ton of games in the league (or sometimes when there are only two games or three).  I bet NBA.  But people are making bank on this, the leading guy in NBA made 37,000 grand last month.

Now, I'm just saying that because you can gamble a lot if that's how you role. But if you just enjoy a sport and want to test your wits against others for dirt cheap ($1 bets can earn you 400+if you place first).  So if you click on the site and sign up, please let me be your "recruiter", which should go through automatically, if not my recruiter name is "joshfarc"

Give it a try though. Yes I want to be your "recruiter" but to all sports fans I honestly recommend this site.  Yes it's "gambling", but when you start it's all best to do one dollar bets, unless you are on a really tight budget, you can put $20 bucks on the site and I guarantee you will cash out on at least 1 of your 20 ($1 dollar bets) and possibly more, depending where you cash out you could win 2 bucks, 40 bucks, or 400 bucks depending on the size of the pool. If you really know the sport I bet you get 1 of your first 10 to cash out, not overdoing it but making 1-3 bets on nights that you feel like you have a good idea of what players will do well.

For all other sports besides basketball, the scoring could be much different, or very simple.  I'm sure MLB you choose a couple pitchers and then the field or something; I haven't even tried. But there are multiple daily pools of $1, $2, and $5(and $11, $22, $55 for high rollers) so you can't miss whether you sign up early in the day or right before the first game starts.

Monday, April 7, 2014

NBA Most Improved Player 2014 - Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

2012-2013: 13.5 points, 8.2 rebounds, 1.2 steals, 1.8 blocks
2013-2014: 21.3 points, 10.3 rebounds, 1.4 steals, 2.9 blocks

This was definitely the toughest award to give out actually.  While I basically had two guys for Defensive Player, there are many a  players having breakout seasons. From Paul George sustaining his level of play
from last years playoffs and improving all around to Eric Bledsoe becoming a Sun and putting up great numbers finally getting to start and play bigger minutes to Al Jefferson, a 30+ year old veteran putting up career numbers (as a result of the Bobcats offense). Add D-League/NBA bounce-around guy Gerald Green having a great season with the Suns as a starter/6th man Shooting Guard, and almost any Sun player (Dragic, Plumlee, Morris). Andre Drummond finally started and was able to stay out of foul trouble in his second season, putting up great numbers and showing how good he will be. This year was simply full of players having career seasons, and Davis simply hits the spot.

Did I mention the improvement to Kevin Durant's game likely leading him to win an MVP?

So why chose Anthony Davis? Not only has he improved every category of his stats and been more productive per minute, he's also become a game changing type of player, as Paul George has, among others.  But Davis can affect the game immensely on both ends, and he's really proved it in his second season as a pro.  With an increase from 29 minutes a night to around 35, you'd expect solid stats based on last years production.  But he really started to understand the pace of the game, as well as improve his shooting; he's also got ball handles ans passing skills in his crazy tall, athletic frame.  He's become the best shot blocker in the league, swatting basically 3 shots a game. Did I mention that he is basically the Hornets game-changer and one player that can really win them a game?

Since game one of the season he has shown a high basketball IQ and smooth ability to run of screens or cuts. Shooting off the catch he's added quite well, and it's maintained out to 17 feet. Improved ball-handling and vision allow him to pass out of doubles-teams as well as rebound and outlet (or even bring the ball down himself).  He simply fills it up every night, too. Even if his shot isn't on that game, you know he will find ways to help impact the game and contribute elsewhere.  He's the fastest PF/C in the NBA, hands down, and is already a member of the ELITE 20 and 10 club (points and rebounds), as well as 2.9 blocks. He is the new age reincarnation of Tim Duncan.

Davis posted a solid rookie season PER of 21.7, which is extremely high for a rookie playing 30 minutes a game (all-star level PER). He jumped to 26.6 PER this season, a full 5 point jump at age 20. Compared to last years Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard, it appears that Davis will end up the best player out of the draft, as his current PER states so.  Hard to compare two great young players when one is a center and the other a point guard. But Davis is a legit franchise player at age 20, and this year he's had some of the most insane stat lines and games of the year.

Going from a solid rookie to a 20 year old legit franchise piece to build around is very rare. I always like to have the best possible video to help fight the case for me, so I've discovered a new mix of his from this season. Enjoy the amazing mix, and enjoy Anthony Davis as an All-Star for the next decade.

*Great mixtape made a month ago showing Davis from college, to a rookie in NBA, to this years dominance. I always pick the best to show! Great quality.

*Rookie of the Year and ALL NBA Team's soon....

NBA Defensive Player of the Year to Joakim Noah, DeAndre Jordan, Paul George, Lebron

DeAndre Jordan wins over Joakim Noah

I feel both deserve it, though I ultimately will give it to DeAndre Jordan for also being someone I could "shout out" as a Most Improved Player award too. Doc Rivers has turned DJ into a monster, utilizing all his skills and turning him into a full time starter, anchoring the defense, talking, protecting the rim. The only player with more Defensive Win Shares is Paul George, who while being a great all around player and defender, is simply a part of a team full of good defenders like George Hill and with Hibbert anchoring Indiana's top 5 defense.  Paul George get's the definitive "shout out" though, and probably another "shout out" for Most Improved player.

DeAndre Jordan: 1.0 steals, 2.5 blocks, 13.8 rebounds

Joakim Noah: 1.2 steals, 1.5 blocks, 11.1 rebounds

Both players have been amazing for their teams defenses, both top 10 individual defensive ratings as well as impacting their teams to top 10 team defensive ratings, with the Bulls ranked 2 and Clippers 8.  That had me sold on Noah, as both have same type of win shares defensively, but then you look at DJ's steals, rebounds, and blocks; it stands out like no other. Leads the NBA in rebounding, top 3 in blocks, and he's really improved his rebounding rate from last year and his career numbers are quite a surprise leap.  His impact on the opponents defense is as huge as the amount of alley-oops you see him throw down a game. He turned the Clippers into a team that can contend, as their defense has lacked in the past.

Who actually wins DPOY should be Jordan or Noah, maybe Paul George since he leads defensive win shares (small margin) on a great defensive team, but the past month the Pacers have looked like a team that lost it's chemistry. I blame trading Granger for Turner. But I still think DJ will get the nod. He has been the perfect model of a defensive anchor playing a specific role for his team and excelling at it.  He's grabbed 10+ rebounds the last 22 games now, while having only 2 games of no blocked shots in that span, and many games with 3-6 blocks.  He's stayed so consistent on D all season, almost a "shout out" for Most Improved Player, like George, but with consistency and a defensive anchor rather than a wing, and the case for DJ winning it seems obvious.

When Chris Paul went down both Griffin and DJ stepped up, along with the team, as Griffin helped carry the offense while DJ kept the defense anchored down just like usual. DeAndre simply is right there with Noah, but I like the fact of his consistency factor and the flair he has around the rim, especially on the defensive side. Just watch these highlights and tell me your not sold! If you're not, I do realize Noah has helped carry the Bulls this season with Rose going down early and Deng leaving around the trade deadline for cap space. But they've been a streaky team since then, either playing great or playing mediocre to awful. So far this season the Clippers and DJ have been so consistent, with two 11 game winning streaks to boot, and no more than 2 games lost in a row. That means someone is constantly keeping the defense up to par, and DJ does all that with his athleticism, IQ, shot blocking, and taking on the role of leader and talker on defense.

Oh how it's shown. All this gets me to settle with Jordan as my official DPOY.  Now watch exactly why I love the "flair" and "wow factor" on so many of his rebounds, blocks, and defensive plays, as well as all the alley-oops and dunks he gets. He's leading the league in FG%, only averaging 10 points a night, just an added bonus, either dunking or setting a screen, rarely putting himself in position to shoot two FT's and get fouled.  He's stayed within his role and the Clippers have flourished as much as him. He's like former DPOY Tyson Chandler but with "flare" and a double the swats.

Enjoy this rare new mix I discovered, while it's called "Dunk Mix" it's all this season's footage and it shows plenty of amazing blocks, amazing rebound tips and dunks, as well as his usual fastbreak oops and the like. Defensive Player of the Year goes to this random Clipper, maybe this will win hearts over...

More Awards Coming SOON.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2014 NBA MVP Award to Kevin Durant over Lebron James

Every season the NBA has so many awards it's ridiculous. We all know about the MVP Award, but did you know there are Players of the week and rookies of the week. Player of the month and rookies of the month. Why not defensive player of the month? Well I guess it's hard to measure, making it more subjective than other awards.  The awards to me are very interesting, some more objective than others, all somewhat "known" because of the media's influence as well as other hype.

But to boil it down OCDhoops style, I have spent far too much time coming up with the winners, and then "shout outs" for players that could of also possibly won the award.  I thought today's Hawks trumping of Indiana by 30+points in the first half took forever, but I've been pondering who wins each award for too long.  So here we go....

2014 NBA MVP
Kevin Durant
Stats - 32.1 points, 7.6 rebounds, 5.6 assists, 1.3 steals, 0.8 blocks, 38.5 minutes

Finally, someone has overtaken Lebron as an MVP! To begin the season I would of bet money Lebron won the MVP Award again, for the third or fourth time in a row (last one was Rose to beat Lebron out).  Little did I know Durant had been working on his passing game while increasing his scoring load, as well as keeping his amazing efficiency while having to carry the Thunder all year with Westbrook missing half the year basically.  Leading the Thunder to 2nd or 1st in the West, and NBA, is a hard task to do when your other star is gone. He's also going to be the scoring champ again, for the 4th time averaging an insane 32.1 points a night on over 50% shooting.  He's been the model of consistency as well, scoring 25 points or more in 40+ games now, only Michael Jordan having done so (and probably Wilt back in the day).

He's a solid defender when need be as well, though when Westbrook is out Durant has simply been an offensive juggernaut at an insanely efficient rating.  His 88%FT keeps him out of the 50/40/90 club (FG, 3pt, and FT percentages), which very few players have ever had seasons of (Nash, Stockton), but doing so while you score 32 points a night while teams are defensively scheming you simply states "I am the MVP".  Sure, Lebron is a better all around player and the best in the NBA, but if I had to chose a player to lead my team and take the last shots, the choice is simple: Kevin Durant.  He's having one of the most memorable seasons ever, and watching him any night you can expect something special.  What other players have ever averaged 30 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists shooting over 50%? That's our answer to MVP, as well as his league leading Win Shares right with Lebron.

SHOUT OUT:  (2nd) Lebron James, (3rd) Chris Paul


Other awards coming soon.......